At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer CEREC® technology to provide you with a natural-looking crown—and it’s all completed in a single visit. But one of the most commonly asked questions about CEREC crowns is, “Are they worth it?” The answer: Absolutely. Consider five reasons why.

  1. CEREC Crowns Only Require One Visit

Our in-office CEREC technology will revive your tooth in one visit

CEREC crowns are often referred to as same-day crowns or crowns-in-a-day because you can have your tooth restored in a single visit. The difference between them and traditional crowns is that we make them in our office instead of a lab. We use an in-office milling machine to make the crowns using CAD/CAM technology. After we scan your tooth, the image is uploaded into a computer to provide a digital guideline for a restoration that has a custom fit.

  1. They Look Natural

At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, one of our cosmetic dentists will select a small black of tooth-colored ceramic that closely matches your natural tooth color and blends seamlessly. Your CEREC crown won’t develop a gray border or dull look from a metal foundation.

  1. The Cost Is Comparable to Traditional Crowns

CEREC crowns cost about the same as traditional crowns. In-office technology eliminates fees that would be paid to a lab to make your restoration.

  1. They Are Versatile

Most people receive a dental crown because they have a large cavity, a broken tooth, or a tooth that needs protection after root canal treatment. CEREC crowns are versatile for a variety of imperfections in teeth. When you receive a CEREC crown from one of our dentists at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, it will look fantastic and mimic a natural tooth.

  1. They Are Durable

You might be wondering if a crown without a metal foundation is strong enough. CEREC crowns have been extensively tested in a variety of circumstances. They perform just as well as traditional crowns.

Are You a Candidate?

If you are considering CEREC crowns, schedule a consultation with Dr. Debra Gray King at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. She will discuss your options and explain what you can expect from each of them. Call us (404-994-4509) to request an appointment for a consultation, or complete our Request an Appointment form.