CEREC same-day crowns technology

Have you heard about same-day crowns, also known as CEREC, and wondered if they are right for you? If you fit one of the following five categories and need a full restoration of one or more teeth, same-day crowns might be right for you.

1) People with Busy Schedules

Traditional dental crowns are made in a lab, and it takes time to fabricate them. Usually, two appointments are needed to receive a crown. With same-day crowns, the restoration is completed in-office using CAD/CAM technology and a special milling machine. You can receive a crown in one visit.

2) Parents and Caregivers

If you’re a caregiver, it can be a challenge to find time to complete dental work. Solutions like CEREC enable you to receive restorations in a single visit. There is a brief wait while the restoration is being made. You can use the time to relax, catch up on correspondence, or use Wi-Fi to watch your favorite shows on your mobile device.

3) People with Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety affects many people. It can be comforting to know that you can receive a restoration in a single visit. Sedation dentistry can further reduce the level of your anxiety.

4) Those Needing Significant Dental Work

Severe dental problems take time to correct. If you have multiple teeth that are badly worn or decayed, same-day crowns reduce the time it takes to have them restored.

5) Those Who Want to Minimize the Number of Appointments

There are many reasons people might want to minimize the number of appointments they need. While same-day crowns aren’t right for everyone, they often are an option.

If you are interested in having a tooth restored in a single visit, call us to request an appointment for a consultation, or complete our Request an Appointment form.