If you’ve been considering dental implants, but aren’t sure if they are right for you, a consultation will help determine if you’re a candidate for them. Before you start the process, below are six questions to ask yourself. They will help you make good decisions about the provider and your treatment options.

1) Is the Dentist Equipped and Experienced Enough to Do the Procedure?

Dental implants fuse to the bone

Many dentists offer dental implants, but not all of them regularly provide the treatment. You will get better results if you find a dentist who regularly provides implants and has the necessary technology to properly plan for and place them and achieve a positive outcome. You can ask your dentist how many implant cases he or she completes each month.

The cosmetic dentists at Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry will refer you to an experienced specialist for implant surgery. After your implants have healed, your cosmetic dentist will provide natural-looking crowns for them. You can also visit the smile gallery of a restoring or implant dentist and look for photos of patients who received these services.

2) Have I Explored Options Other than Dental Implants?

Although a dentist might recommend a specific treatment for you, he or she should also discuss your options. While dental implants are the best form of tooth replacement, they are not the only option. You can make an informed decision and begin treatment with confidence if you understand the results you can expect with other forms of tooth replacement, including dental bridges and partials.

3) Am I Committed to a Lifetime of Proper Care?

Your new dental crowns and implants will need the same diligent care as your natural teeth. That includes at-home care and regular check-ups every six months or as recommended by your dentist. This is imperative for preventing gum disease and keeping your replacement teeth healthy. If you’re a smoker, or if you use chewing tobacco, you should seriously consider quitting before you receive dental implants. It will promote healthier oral cavities and help your implants and bone properly fuse and heal.

4) What Are My Long-Term Oral Health Goals?

Think about how you want your smile to look over your lifetime. If your oral health is great, but you need to have teeth replaced, aligned, whitened, or improved in some other way, let your dentist know your goals. A comprehensive plan will be developed to address your cosmetic concerns and improve your oral health.

5) Am I Prepared?

It takes about a year to complete the entire dental implant process; the time varies based on your case. Four to six months of the process includes a healing period for your bone to accept the dental implant and fuse to it. You should understand and be prepared for each of the steps involved.

6) Can I Trust the Dentist?

Trust is everything. Before you schedule a consultation, check the dentist’s experience and credentials.

If you schedule a consultation with one of the accredited cosmetic dentists at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, he or she will ensure you understand your options for tooth replacement and restoration with dental crowns. If you choose dental implants, you will be referred to a specialist in implantology to ensure optimal placement.

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