A Smile Makeover Is Affordable

Ready to begin the process of a smile makeover? Maybe the one thing  stopping  you is the fact that don’t think that it  can be affordable.  But it can be! No more waiting to get your affordable smile!

And you know, we understand that dentistry can be a big investment for you.  We have many  Ways to Make

Your Smile Makeover Affordable.

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Set Up Payment Plans

In a previous blog post, we shared our financing and  payment plan options that come with  little to no  interest.  There are also other ways in which we help our patients get the smile that they want, sooner than later.

You may find other dentists that will give you a cheaper quote but we want to remind you that it’s not what all dentists specialize in. It’s very important  for  you to find somebody that  has had all the training in both dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.  Our doctors have the training, the expertise and always have keeping  the health  of the structure as one  of their top priorities.


Phase Out Your Treatment

You can phase out your treatment to help spread the costs out as well. The upper teeth can be done at one time. Alternately, you can do the front teeth first and then work on the other teeth later. There’s several ways we can break up your smile makeover based on your treatment needs.


Pay For What You Need Later

Often, we get patients who do some of their teeth and have incredible results. Then, they want those extra little enhancements. So, they come back later and add even more teeth to their smile design. This can help you get the smile makeover process started and yield amazing results now. As you want to fine tune, you can come back splitting up the costs to make your smile even more affordable.

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