All-on-four dental implants is a groundbreaking technique for the replacement of all missing teeth in an arch. In this type of treatment, four strategically-positioned implants serve as the foundation for a complete set of dentures or bridges. It’s one of the best alternatives to individual dental implants or complete dentures.


All-on-four dental implants are a fixed part of your dental anatomy.

All-on-four dental implants are technically called “hybrid” or “fixed-detachable” dental implants. During this procedure, the dentist attaches four implants to strategically-identified locations on your upper and lower arches. Once the implants are screwed into your jawbone, your bone structure gradually grows around the implants, firmly rooting them in place.


A full set of dentures can be attached over the implants once they become rooted parts of your facial structure and anatomy. Since the dentures are perfectly fastened over the implant’s abutments, there’s no risk of the dentures coming off or sliding out of your mouth while talking. Furthermore, dental implants replace your teeth root structures, making the all-on-fours a fixed part of your anatomy.


All-on-four dental implants can’t be removed by the patient — and that’s a good thing.

One of the biggest concerns people have with all-on-four implants is if they’re removable. Well, all-on-four dental implants can be removed by the dentist if and when necessary, but they can’t be removed by the patient. However, that’s a good thing — just like you can’t remove your actual teeth when you want, you can’t remove the fixed all-on-four implants either.


If you could remove them on your own, you’d also have to contend with the possibility that they could also slide off on their own. If you prefer a removable solution, you can opt for complete dentures. However, complete dentures are notorious for coming off while speaking or eating, which causes immense discomfort and social embarrassment. All-on-four dental implants can only be removed by dentists, so you can rest assured they won’t cause any embarrassment.


Other benefits of all-on-four dental implants.

Besides being permanent and fixed, all-on-four dental implants offer several other benefits:

  • You get a complete and fully-functional set of teeth quickly
  • They dramatically improve your appearance, providing a perfectly even and uniform set of teeth
  • You can eat whatever you want without fears or concerns
  • There are no dental health issues, such as falling teeth or dental decays.
  • Maintaining the all-on-four implants is easy—brush them like you would a pair of natural teeth.

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