Have you been thinking about jumping into the online dating scene? We are in a world today where you can make a love connection through dating apps and sites like Bumble or Match.com. Are you “Bumble Ready”?

Maybe you just aren’t sure that it’s for you. Further, maybe you really just don’t know how to take that first step. We have three awesome tips to put your best face forward.

Watch the Tooth Fairies talk about Getting “Bumble Ready”. (https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2421657921448220)

If you have ever noticed, in many profile pictures (and not just on dating sites) some people try to hide their teeth when they smile. Here at Atlanta Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, we help many people get beautiful healthy smiles. As a result, they love showing their smiles off! They are Bumble ready!

It doesn’t matter if you are on a dating site or just wanting to put your best face forward on any platform! The absolute first thing that people always look at is your profile photo. The trick is to try and create an approachable profile photo . Create something that people will see and it’ll grab their attention.

So how do you do that?

Create an Approachable Online Profile Picture

First, find your best angle, tilt that head and smile away. You want to have a natural looking photo that shows your best side and makes others feel that you are approachable! Nobody wants to see a scowling selfie. Even more, grab a furry friend and bring them into  the selfie! Studies have shown that these selfies with animals resulted in a 40% chance of that first initial contact morphing into a full blown conversation! Who doesn’t want to talk more with someone who  is responsible and trustworthy enough to care for an animal?


Exude Your Confidence

Then, grab that confidence and let it shine! One way to gain confidence is to look at yourself in the mirror. Next, tell yourself three to five things that you just love about yourself. Too hard? Then name qualities that people have told you that they think you have. Consequently, this works well just before taking a photo, walking into a first date or in any situation where you are needing a confidence boost.


Just Smile

Lastly, just smile. Not a fake stage smile. A beautiful, genuine smile that reaches the corners of your eyes. It’s so much better. Most importantly, it’s more inviting and it really shows who you are as well as your personality.

In conclusion, these tips are so easy to follow! A smile and a photo that you love is important for everyone! Are you ready to see what your smile transformation would look like? Get a Virtual Consultation at https://www.atlantacenterforcosmeticdentistry.com/virtual-consultation/

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