Beating Bad Breath

Did you know that 99 % of Americans and wake up with that awful dragon breath in the morning? Whether you wake up alone or next to a loved one, bad breath in the morning can make you feel self-conscious. In fact, bad breath during any time of day can out a damper on how you feel.

What can you do to wake up fresh , confident and ready to take on your day?  We have done some research and have put together a few tips to help you avoid being caught in a close encounter sporting less than fresh breath.

A lot of people come to Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, not only to improve their smile, but to get their oral health under control as well and beat bad breath.

Breath is a major concern for almost every patient that walks through our doors. No one wants to have bad breath.  Aside from your smile, it’s one of the first things that people notice when you have your first encounter.

Watch what the  Tooth Fairies shared about beating bad breath on their last Facebook live! (


Three tips to beating bad breath.

Staying on top of your dental hygiene.

This one may be basic, but it’s important. Odor causing bacteria accumulate between your teeth and on your tongue. Practicing good dental hygiene will do a lot to improve your morning breath.

There’s an old saying that goes, “Be sure to brush your teeth two times a day. Once at night to keep your teeth and once in the morning to keep your friends.”

Furthermore, be sure to brush for the right amount of time. Most people only brush for 30-45 seconds. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you brush for two full minutes.  Next,  follow up with a mouth rinse and flossing. Brushing only cleans 25% of your mouth! Don’t skip those crucial steps!

Two minutes of brushing can seem like a lot. We have Sonicare tooth brushes that do all the timing for you. They will even give you a gentle nudge when it’s time to change quadrants! We highly recommend it! Moreover, it has an app that you can sync it to to show you how well you are brushing and areas that you may have missed! Technology takes all the guesswork out of it!


Watch the Foods You Eat

Secondly, consider what is sitting in your stomach when you go to sleep. Some of the foods that you eat for dinner may not agree with you. Then, they sit in the stomach overnight. Ick! There are some foods that help neutralize our stomachs and aid in the prevention of bad breath.

For example, try a cup of tea before bed. Studies suggest drinking unsweetened black or green tea can help ward off bad breath. Both types of tea contain antioxidants that help destroy the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. And the polyphenols found in green tea can reduce those nasty sulfuric compounds.

Probiotic Yogurt is another good one to try. Eating six ounces of unsweetened yogurt every day can reduce the level of odor causing hydrogen sulfide in your mouth.

Finally, try some parsley and basil or even apple or spinach! The polyphenols in these ingredients help break down the sulphuric compounds in the garlic which linger in the mouth and are absorbed by the blood stream giving you that “morning after garlic breath” For the biggest benefit, combine the garlic and one of the other ingredients in the same dish like Pesto! If you can’t combine them, just ensure to eat them in the same meal.


Regular visits to your dentist

Comprehensive exams and thorough professional dental cleanings are crucial to maintaining not only good breath, but your overall oral health. If you are experiencing an issue with morning breath or just bad breath overall, your dentist may be able to determine if it’s being caused by an underlying problem such as a cavity, an infection in your mouth or acid reflux!

The most important tip is to see your dentist regularly. Oral health is systemic and can have effects in other areas of your body if not properly maintained. It can also affect your loved ones as some forms of bacteria that cause infection are transferrable through saliva. So you could be passing that bad breath onto your partner! But, with the help of your hygienist and doctor, we can help you figure out a schedule for your professional cleanings that will have you on track with your oral health and keep those bad breath germs at bay!

Then you can have your next close encounter with confidence! Book an appointment with  us now!

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