Behind the Scenes of Cosmetic Dentistry

There is a lot that takes place in a cosmetic dentistry office. The hustle and bustle is what a lot of patients don’t get to see. We are ready to give you a sneak peek so that you can see for yourself all the hard work that we put in to make sure your visit is the best that it  can be. Get ready to go behind the scenes of cosmetic dentistry!

Want to watch it live? Take a look at this live video to see all of this in real time!

Outside the Doors of Atlanta Center For Cosmetic Dentistry

Standing outside, you’ll kind of see the road that Atlanta Center For Cosmetic Dentistry is located on, Roswell Road.  You will be greeted by our sign that is ready to greet you when you pull into our parking lot.

We have a beautiful building and a lot of patients actually ask what the building used to be before it was the ACCD! The funny thing is, it was our very own Dr. King that  actually designed this building herself. She designed it to feel like a southern home, not like a stuffy dental office or a dental practice. Dr. King wanted her patients to feel as comfortable as possible coming in for a new patient exam.


Inside the Office

Patients then enter into the living room area. You will see that our office has all the magazines that they will ever need to read. There is a beautiful inset TV that plays loops of videos that the office has done, as well as some concerts every now and then. One of the favorite parts of the room is the fully stocked beverage area. There is a beautiful Curie coffee machine that you will find behind the scenes, several different kinds of coffee and all of the accoutrement to you can add to your coffee. There are cold beverages as well, regular water, sparkling water, Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite Zero, and patients are welcome to help themselves to anything. It is  recommend to brush your teeth after the soda though.

Next you will find Jenna. Jenna is here to greet all patients by name, get them checked in and let the hygienist assistants know that the patient has arrived. Then as patients come through the next door, they will see our wonderful product area. Dr. King absolutely loves traveling and while she’s on her travels, she always looks for products that you may not see it a regular dental office. Patients will see items like an incognito toothpick disguised as lipstick or unique items like wine wipes. For anyone that loves red wine, these are a must! They can be used to just wipe your teeth to get all the red wine stains off so that you can continue your night looking as fabulous as you started it! So fun!

Let’s go further behind the scenes of cosmetic dentistry! Down the hall, patients will see our vision. The vision of the practice is to be the world’s leader in cosmetic dentistry. Our office hangs this vision where everyone on the team can see it, review it daily and remind themselves of who we are and why we do this for our patients.


More Amenities During Your Appointment

Then come the beautiful consultation rooms. In this room you will find lots of signed photographs and smiles that our doctors have designed. We also have lots of publications that we’ve been featured in over the years. One of the favorites is the Oprah Magazine feature. Dr. Kane is such a huge fan of Oprah and it was such an honor to be featured in her magazine. This room is really where you’ll meet your treatment coordinator. They’ll get to all the scheduling needs that you have help you with financing options, treatment plans, all that good stuff right here in this room so that you can have some privacy.

Next we have our patient restrooms that are all complete with toothbrushes, mouthwash, etc. to freshen up before or after your appointments.

Then patients will come to our wall of accreditation where they will see an overwhelming amount of award certificates and degrees that our doctors have accumulated over the years. We were brought them down here for display so that everyone can see just how educated our doctors are. And it allows you to feel confident in knowing that you are safe in our hands.

There are then a number of various rooms to take you behind the scenes. First, our makeup area, with more photos of our smile transformations, where we bring all of our patients for a full set of makeup photos so that we can keep an accurate dental record. This ensures that we know where you started and where you finish with us. Right? Right. You will also see a machine which enables us to provide our patients with same day crowns. The doctor designs the restoration, puts the design into the machine and the machine makes the restoration and then it goes right into your mouth. Same Day! What a time saver!


Visit the Spa Room

One of the newer additions to our office is our spa room and this is a behind the scenes look you can’t miss. If you ever show up early to one of your appointments or if you just want to hang out afterwards, you’re always welcome to come in this room. Patients can enjoy a nice massage in one of our beautiful massage chairs and even enjoy a glass of wine while you relax.

In our appointment rooms, you will find nice, comfy blankets, noice canceling head phones and even warm neck pillows. You can even enjoy a nice hand massage! Patients love these especially because they are lavender infused. While you  relax, we upload all records, photos and X-rays that the doctors will need for the visit. This allows doctors to better communicate as to what your smile transformation could look like. Everything that is needed is ready and waiting to help streamline the time of the appointment and guarantee optimal results.

What did you think of the peek behind the scenes of cosmetic dentistry? What more could you want from your dental appointment? It’s time to start your smile transformation!

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