Do you ever wonder what actually happens behind the smile transformations at ACCD? You aren’t the only one so we are going to let you in on the magic!

Watch the replay of our Tooth Fairies taking you behind the smile transformation scene at Atlanta Center. (

The magic first starts with our three amazing and accredited dentist!

Debra Gray King

First, we have Dr. King. She is a true Queen has been in practice for 30 years. Actually, she first started off studying to be a dental hygienist and then realized her artistic talent couldn’t and shouldn’t be hidden! You are welcome world! Dr. King is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry which only has 75 members IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Needless to say, she’s kind of a big deal!

Charles C. Cooper

Next, we have our beloved Dr. Cooper! While furthering his knowledge of dentistry through hundreds of hours of continuing education classes, he has lectured in not only the dental field, but was selected as a presenter at the coveted Georgia Oglethorpe Awards Session, which is Georgia’s highest level of recognition for organizational performance excellence.

Since 2000, Dr. Cooper has been the official dentist of the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders. Together Dr. Cooper and the Cheerleaders have participated in several charity events, including the Atlanta Charity Clays, which has raised over 3 million dollars for Children’s Charities of Atlanta.

Brett C. Reeve

Then we have the fantastic and fun Dr. Reeve. When he’s not watching the bachelorette (He says its because his wife loves watching the show), he can be found with his four kiddos. They are either on the soccer field or basketball court coaching their teams, with his church youth group. He’s pretty much super dad! Further, Dr. Reeve is also an Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetics and patients love him! We all think he’s pretty great to work with too!

You may still have one BIG, HUGE question. So many patients ask us this question every day, several times a day.

How will I know I will love my results of my smile transformations?

This is such a great and valid question, a smile is the first thing people look at!

We’ve noticed so many of our patients primary reason for wanting a beautiful smile is to get their confidence back. Do you ever feel this way?

For us, at the Atlanta Center, we use  somethings kind of like “filters” to show our patients what the possibilities are for their new smile transformations without doing anything to your actual teeth!!

There are several ways we can show you what your new smile will look like before its even done!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Cosmetic Imaging has made such a huge impact on our patients and just to see their face and hear their responses after seeing this mock up smile design is awesome!

Cosmetic Imaging is where we will take a photo (and mind you we LOVE photos here, so you’re welcome if you need a headshot for a resume, business card, dating site… you name it!) We will take a photo of you with you’re natural smile and create a mock up of what your possibilities are within just a few minutes! It will show the exact same photo you had taken ONLY with a new, straight, white smile that will be custom designed and fitted for you!!! Start your smile transformations now by requesting a consultation at

There’s also a type of technology we use called TouchMD. We are able to import all the photos and radiographs taken and our doctors will draw on the screen with you to show you exactly what customizations your smile needs and why. It’s done in real time, and by the time our patients leave they know more about their mouth, its health and the types of customizations they can have to achieve their ideal smile!

Lastly we have the Trial Smile! Our lab will custom make temporaries to fit your smile. There is no drilling, no removing of tooth, literally NOTHING to place a temporary custom smile design on your teeth so you can see exactly what you are going to get, before you get it!

Those are some really cool and great options that we have for our patients to show the possibilities of creating their custom smile. And, we get to pamper you at the same time. See our dental spa at

Have you ever considered or been interested in what you would look like with a straight, healthy, white smile? Then request an appointment at