Natural-looking dental implant crowns cannot be distinguished from your natural teeth. The accredited cosmetic dentists at Atlanta Center for Cosmetic dentistry provide life-like crowns for dental implants.

Below is an inquiry from a patient of another dental practice who already has dental implants but also needs orthodontic treatment.

In 2007, I received 2 dental implants when I lived in TN. I now need braces or Invisalign and then I will need 3 more implants. From what I understand, dental implants can interfere with orthodontic treatment. Can I have the implants removed, or do I have to forgo braces? Thanks. Daniel


Dental implants and the bone fuse

Daniel – Your dental implants are fully integrated with your jawbone. Although they technically can be removed, the process would not be simple. Replacing them after orthodontic treatment could involve bone grafting and the associated healing process, followed by implant surgery and time for the implant and bone to fuse. It’s likely best to leave the implants in place. However, you will want to consult with your orthodontist and your oral surgeon to determine if this is the best decision.

It is possible that some alignment can be achieved without affecting the dental implants, but that depends on the amount of movement needed and where the teeth are located.

When you are ready for dental implants, one of our cosmetic dentists will be happy to create natural-looking crowns for your dental implants.