Clearing Up Dental Myths

So many people have heard some dental myths throughout their lifetime that they’re not so sure about, right? When it comes to your smile, there’s plenty of common misconceptions out there.

It’s time to clear up a few of those dental myths so you are informed and ready to tackle your dental health with confidence.

Dental Myth  #1 – You Should Brush Your Teeth Really Aggressively To Get Them As Clean As Possible

Please don’t do that. In stores you have options between a  hard bristle, soft bristle or a medium bristle. It’s best to stick with a soft bristle. When you are using anything harder than that, you’re actually upgrading your gum tissue, which is causing  it to recede. This means that your gum is literally pulling away from your tooth it causing the root to expose. This is where people get so much sensitivity from. And, when you’re brushing too hard, you’re causing that gum to disappear.

You can also wear down the protective coating around the gum and start to  see discoloring. There are now toothbrushes that will tell you when you are brushing too hard, Sonicare and Oral B both make them.

Don’t brush too hard, use an electric toothbrush or soft bristle brush and don’t be mean  to your teeth!


Dental Myth #2 -George Washington Had Wooden Teeth

Dentures and prosthetic teeth looked a lot different than they do today. In fact, prosthetics used to be made of a lot of different materials. For example, ivory, gold, other metals were some, but they also use other human teeth. In doing some research, it was found that when George had to have teeth pulled, he actually would mail those teeth back to his dentist so that they could use them for his next set.

Ew! In fact, please do not do this to your dentist! Technology has come so much farther and that is not what your dentists wants in this day and age!


Dental Myth #3 – Babies Steal Calcium From Their Pregnant Mothers’ Teeth

There’s a huge misconception about babies stealing all your nutrients from their mothers while in utero.

Stealing calcium from your teeth?  No, that’s not a thing.

But there is something called pregnancy Gingivitis. Which is basically inflammation of the gums. That’s a really common issue where bacteria builds up around the gum line. That can cause some more decay than maybe you’re used to or have seen before.

But, it’s time to stop blaming the babies.


Dental Myth #4 – The  More Mouthwash Burns, The Better It’s Working

We  have a lot of patients that have it in  their head that the more their mouthwash burns, the better it’s working right? This is not true but it is a one of the most common dental myths.

The burning is often caused  by alcohol. The alcohol in mouthwash actually does the opposite of what most think it does. It’s not really sterilizing anything. It’s not cleaning your gums more than a regular water. It actually takes away all the good bacteria in your mouth and it dries out all that gum tissue. And I don’t know about you, but whenever I rinse with mouthwash that has alcohol in it, I do not keep it in for the recommended amount the family and that it’s in there for five seconds. So it really doesn’t do its job. It doesn’t get in there and you know, clean off but then you’re making yourself so uncomfortable.

Most dentists recommend using a mouthwash that has no alcohol at all. There are a variety of them on the market and we always recommend our favorite, BreathRX which also helps combat dry mouth!


Dental Myth #5 – It is Normal For Your Gums to Bleed

We often get asked whether it is normal for your gums to bleed. And the answer is no. Guns are not supposed to bleed. It’s actually a sign of unhealthiness. During a cleaning appointment,  the hygienist is cleaning the bacteria that’s around it causing the gums to inflame. While it may be common to experience bleeding gums, it’s not normal.

If you have bleeding gums when you’re flossing, this is most likely a sign that you’re not flossing enough. Further, you may need to come in for a teeth cleaning. And, of course, if you come in here, you can enjoy a hand massage, headphones, our warm neck pillows, etc.

Yes, it’s a dental spa! Check out our dental spa at 


Dental Myth #6: It is true that implants have to be replaced every two years?

Not at all! The implants that we provide you are meant to last a lifetime! With proper care (no smoking, regular check-ups and cleanings, etc.) you should not have to  get your implants replaced ever!

We pride in our work because we know that you have made a big investment, and our goal is to have that investment last forever!

While these are some of the most common dental myths, you may still have questions that you want cleared up! You can always set up a consultation or make an appointment to come in a see us! You can book now at