If you suffer from dental anxiety and don’t have a dentist who uses the latest technology, you may not have heard of CEREC crowns. A broken or worn tooth can be restored with a new crown in just one visit. At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, you can receive a same-day crown in a spa-like atmosphere. How is it done?

  1. CEREC Crowns Are Made in the Office

CEREC same-day crowns technology

Years ago, receiving a crown required two visits. On the first visit, the doctor would remove the decay or damage from your tooth, build it up if necessary, take impressions, and provide you with a temporary crown. The impressions of your tooth would be shipped to a dental lab to craft your restoration. The process took about two weeks. Some crowns are still made this way, but CEREC crowns are different. Dr. King’s office has CAD/CAM technology and a crown milling machine, so your restoration can be completed in just one visit. How does this help if you have dental anxiety? There are many ways!

  1. It Saves Time

At times, even multiple restorations can be completed in a single visit. Many people find it easier to prepare for the treatment knowing that their time in the dental chair will be minimized. Only one appointment is needed, instead of two.

  1. Digital Impressions Are Used

Many people with dental anxiety also have strong gag reflexes, or perhaps they simply don’t like the impression process. With the CAD/CAM technology, a handheld intraoral camera is used to take digital impressions of your teeth.

  1. Sedation Dentistry Can Help

If you have mild dental anxiety, nitrous oxide may be the best solution. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide takes effect right away, wears off almost immediately after treatment, and keeps you comfortable throughout the procedure. If your anxiety level is more intense, oral conscious sedation will put you in a deeply relaxed state.

  1. Our Spa Amenities Help You Relax

Many people have dental anxiety because of previous bad experiences in a dental office. Unfortunately, this can have lingering effects for many years. A warm and caring environment often helps patients overcome their anxiety, but it can take several months or years before the brain replaces past negative experiences with more recent positive ones.

Imagine yourself at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, easing onto a Zen Chair in which therapeutic doses of sound energy massage and melt away your anxiety. You may also indulge in a complimentary chairside massage, a special treat for deeper relaxation. While the dental office is the place you go for preventive and restorative care, eventually you might look forward to your visits because of the extra pampering we offer. Not every office offers these spa services, even if they do provide same-day-crowns, but it’s an extra measure we take to help you have a pleasant and productive visit.

If you’re interested in having a broken or worn tooth restored in just one visit, call us at 404-994-4509 to request a complimentary consultation, or request an appointment online.