Many people are familiar with the brand name Lumineers® and look for an Atlanta Lumineers provider. Although the cosmetic dentists at Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry are very familiar with this brand, they get better results with alternative ultra-thin veneers.

The Lumineers brand gets a lot of attention for being a quick and simple way to enhance your smile while requiring minimal tooth preparation. Although it might sound like a great way to get a smile makeover, the results many people receive are often different from what they expected. Let’s explore three reasons you may not want to search for porcelain veneers by brand name alone.

1) Skill Matters More than Brand

Lumineers is a brand name for a specific type of ultra-thin veneers. They are marketed to consumers and dentists with the messaging that they are easy to place. Sometimes, they are referred to as no-prep veneers. Lumineers are so thin that dentists sometimes simply place the porcelain shell over a tooth without reducing any of the tooth structure. Think about that for just a moment. No matter how thin an object is, placing something over it will increase its thickness and bulk.

Even very small measurements matter when they are placed on your teeth. Because of this, a no-prep method is rarely an aesthetic option. Those who strictly adhere to the no-prep concept for Lumineers and other brands of porcelain veneers may leave teeth with awkward bulky edges. When a dentist who is skilled at cosmetic dentistry places restorations, the results are beautiful. Who would you prefer to do restore your smile—someone following marketing guidelines or someone who has received rigorous coursework to learn the underlying principles of beautiful aesthetics?

2) Poor Prep Leads to Long-Term Issues

When restorations aren’t done well and produce bulky areas, they don’t look natural, and they can affect your oral health in several ways.

  • Small ridges can be left and leave a place for plaque and bacteria to thrive. It can be difficult to clean the areas.
  • Gums around the veneers start to become irritated by debris that is trapped beneath the veneers. You may experience soreness, bleeding gums, or periodontal disease.
  • Gaps between your teeth and the Lumineers are more susceptible to leakage underneath the restoration. Decay often forms in areas that can’t be adequately cleaned.

Teeth that were once healthy can quickly decay due to a no-prep procedure.

3) We Frequently Replace Lumineers with Pearls 

The doctors at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry have experience with various types of ultra-thin veneers. Often, we receive new patients who had their veneers placed by another practice and are unsatisfied with the results. Unfortunately, the only solution is to replace the veneers.

When we replace ultra-thin veneers or even place them for the first time, we use Pearls ultra-thin veneers. Our dentists have advanced training in aesthetics and have an excellent relationship with an accomplished ceramist who makes the restorations. That means the veneers fit well and are made with your preferences and facial features in mind.

The before-and-after photos below are an example of how Pearls ultra-thin veneers can beautifully enhance your smile.

Pearls ultra-thin veneers

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