Same-day crowns can provide beautiful restorations for broken or worn teeth. At Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we can provide crowns while you wait.

Below is an inquiry from a patient of another practice who received unsuccessful same-day crowns on her front teeth.

In November I got same-day crowns for my front teeth. I’m a PA for a family practice and I don’t get a lot of time away from the office. After I found out about same-day crowns I thought they would be perfect for my hectic schedule. Unfortunately, I’ve only had trouble with them since I got them.

One of the crowns has fallen off and the other is too loose. The crowns look opaque and are whiter than my other teeth. I’ve only had time to go back to the dentist once. He wants to make the crowns over again, but nothing he says convinces me that I’m going to get better results. Without directly saying it, the dentist implied that same-day crowns are hard to do on front teeth. Why didn’t he tell me that before? Yes, my schedule is busy, but now I’m wasting time and have teeth that don’t look good at all. Did I make a mistake in choosing same-day crowns? Thanks. Jessica


Jessica – It takes special skill and an artistic eye to produce life-like crowns of any kind for front teeth.

Same-day crowns present a greater challenge for front teeth that only an artistic cosmetic dentist can handle. But they have many advantages:
  • You don’t need to wear temporary crowns
  • They are made in the dentist’s office while you wait
  • A skilled cosmetic dentist can craft crowns that match your natural teeth

Natural teeth have variations in color, translucence, and opacity. Ceramic crowns can be made to mimic natural teeth, but your dentist has to understand how to do it. Your dentist’s comments made it clear that same-day crowns on front teeth are a challenge for him.

If you want to keep your same dentist, you might get better results with traditional, lab-made dental crowns. Your dentist will provide the ceramist with impressions and photos of your teeth, along with instructions for manipulating the porcelain to match your surrounding teeth. Your dentist can request that your case is expedited, but you really don’t want the work to be done so quickly that you still don’t get natural-looking results.

Get a Same-Day Crowns Second Opinion

We use CAD-CAM technology to provide same-day crowns

Before you make a decision, you also have the option of getting a second opinion from an accredited cosmetic dentist. The dentist will examine your smile and let you know if same-day crowns are the right option. The time and money you have to invest in replacing the crowns for your front teeth might be worth getting a second opinion.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, our accredited cosmetic dentists will be happy to consult with you. Request an appointment online or calls us at 404-994-4509 to schedule.