Smile Design is a customized smile enhancement procedure to help you achieve a brilliant, healthy, attractive smile. While you enjoy the serene, spa-like atmosphere of our dental spa, where we want you to have a positive, comfortable experience. At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we have streamlined the process of Smile Design so it is easy to experience. The Smile Design method is an artistic approach to cosmetic dentistry that requires the highest level of skills and requires advanced training and experience. It is not a method typically learned in dental school, so dentists gain access to these advanced techniques in post-graduate courses, perfecting the art through experience.

Accreditation for Smile Design

Once the required education and experience is completed, dental specialists must go through the process of having their cosmetic dental work evaluated to achieve accreditation. Due to the extensive time and work involved in Smile Design, most dentists do not go through the effort to be accredited in this advanced discipline. We have.

Artistry in Smile Design

It takes artistic ability and extensive knowledge to create and perform a smile design. The techniques require precise measurements based upon mouth shape, gum lines, lips, and natural shape of the teeth. This is why we devote all the time needed for a precise Atlanta smile transformation planning prior to starting any smile restoration procedure.

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“All You Will See Is A Gorgeous New Smile.”

“With each patient, we can create a unique design to fit their age and sex, facial features, and characteristics. Most people don’t realize how much we can reshape their teeth, smile and entire appearance. You know when a Smile Design is done well, because the new restorations truly are undetectable and all you see is a gorgeous new smile.”

What is a Smile Design?

A smile design involves a comprehensive evaluation of your facial structure, your gums, teeth, and lips in planning a smile restoration that is artistically balanced to bring out the best in your features. It is far more than just placing veneers or implants – it is a highly-precise method that produces superior results in smile restoration treatments.

What are the Steps in Smile Design?

Smile Design is a comprehensive process that includes a set of steps:

  • Evaluation of your current teeth and gums, along with analyzing both the external and internal structure of face and gums to discover how to best enhance your natural features.
  • A digital design is created, based upon your evaluation. Every facet of your face and gum structure is evaluated so the design results in maximum facial enhancement.
  • You now have the opportunity to see the results of the digital design and find out what cosmetic treatments will be required to achieve that result.
  • A treatment plan is developed, covering all of the needed procedures.
  • Your treatment begins. As this is a customized cosmetic treatment, the scope of what is needed varies, patient to patient.

How Does Smile Design Work?

Treatment planning starts with your first cosmetic consultation. Our experienced treatment coordinators perform a detailed smile analysis to pinpoint what is necessary to create the perfect smile for your facial structure, with an aesthetic, natural balance. We create a visual image of your face with our digital imaging system, so you can see how your new smile will appear when your Atlanta Smile Design treatment is complete.

Why Choose Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry for Smile Design?

All cosmetic dentists are not created equal. Our award-winning team of cosmetic dentists have gone above and beyond in education and experience to gain professional expertise in the Smile Design process. Not only can you expect results that bring you great joy in your appearance, but we have created a luxurious, spa-like dental office where your comfort and overall experience are as pleasant as possible.