Recent advances in science have significantly changed the way we diagnose and deliver periodontal care.

Our hygienists have taken extensive CE courses to become Certified Modular Periodontal Therapists, dedicated to the highest level of early and comprehensive treatment of periodontal disease.

As a result our patients receive treatment for periodontal disease at the microbiological level—going beyond the mere cleaning of plaque and calculus. Specific diagnostic tools and treatment modules are used based on the level of periodontal infection. Our hygienists are trained to identify the microbiology and the systemic significance of oral pathogens. Highly specific DNA tests help identify these pathogens for proper treatment.

Optimal oral health often requires a team approach with dentists, hygienists, specialists, and patient all contributing. At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we take care of more than appearance of your teeth. Our team will provide you with comprehensive care, giving special attention to maintaining your gums and structures around your teeth for a long-lasting, healthy smile.

Inflamed or bleeding gums are common, but not normal. Because periodontal infection grows under your gums, sometimes you can have no symptoms at all. A beautiful smile is made not only of beautiful teeth, but also healthy gums and bone to support them.

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