At Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe our patients deserve all of the advantages of the world’s most advanced dental technology, and a relaxing, positive experience. Our technology includes the Sharp 3D Scanner. This instrument is a wireless tool that is administered to the mouth to produce the highest quality 3D scans of the teeth and mouth. This revolutionary system allows our cosmetic dentists to create tooth restorations in a day. The results are extremely accurate and allow for an exceptional level of craftmanship in producing crowns and other tooth restorations when performing a same-day restoration.

How Does the Sharp 3D Scanner Work?

Digital technology has advanced cosmetic dentistry and produces superior results. Rather than relying on vision and estimates, your tooth restoration is digitally crafted with data transmitted from the 3D scanner for a higher level of accuracy.

As a cosmetic dentistry office that offers patients far more in environment, comfort, and quality of work, it stands to reason that we would ensure our patients have access to the latest advancements in technology. This scanner is fast, comfortable, and accurate. Analog impressions (such as the use of unpleasant gel impressions) are prone to inaccuracy, as the product can be shifted, shrink or change slightly in shape. With the Sharp 3D scanner, the entire tooth structure is accurately captured, and is far more comfortable to experience.

Why do we Believe in Digital Dentistry? It’s all about You.

Digital dentistry is the wave of the future, and our patients deserve the best of modern technology. Digital dentistry allows for a higher level of accuracy in creating crowns, inlays, onlays, custom veneers and other tooth restorations. As the information gathered by the scanner is accurate with far less risk of a restoration being slightly “off” leading to the need to remanufacture or spend patient time trying to get a restoration fit properly. It matters to us, as our focus on providing a superior level of comfort is one of the driving forces behind every aspect of our cosmetic dentistry practice in Atlanta.

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Better Treatments, More Comfort.

Many people dread dental appointments, and for good reason. Traditional dentistry was unpleasant at best – but was the level of discomfort necessary? We don’t think so. Beyond our commitment to providing the maximum level of comfort for our patients, including chairside massage, heated neck pillows, plush blankets, customized Zen chairs to transmit soothing soundwaves, and Bose noise cancelling headphones and flat screen TVs on the ceiling, we don’t believe you should have to experience excess stress and anxiety in diagnostics, which is why we have chosen the Sharp 3D scanner at our luxury practice.

You can lie back in comfort, enjoying TV of your choice while we quickly digitally scan your teeth. While a visual examination is important, we feel that the use of this system makes the experience – and quality of treatment – far more comfortable for you.

Tooth Restorations in a Day. No Waiting.

The data collected by our digital scanner can be transmitted to our CEREC system so custom tooth restoration can be manufactured immediately, onsite, in about 20 minutes. Many of our patients are busy people, and may need a dental emergency resolved immediately, rather than waiting on a lab, and that’s when this system provides extraordinary benefits.

Rather than waiting a few weeks for a custom crown, it is created immediately, onsite, and then placed – all in one single appointment. That is the advantage of digital technology in cosmetic dentistry and is only the beginning of what we offer our patients. Call today for more information or to set an appointment or use our online form to set a time that is convenient for you.