As Atlanta porcelain veneers providers and members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the dentists at Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry understand smiles at a deeper level than most dentists. A smile makeover isn’t just about healthy and beautiful new teeth. It impacts how you view yourself and how others view and interact with you. What’s your smile saying? Keep reading.

“I’m Confident”

People who struggle with dental woes often find themselves either covering their mouth when they talk or trying not to smile. When visual defects in a smile are corrected, those habits usually go away. After a smile makeover, people who used to appear shy, standoffish, or quiet suddenly find themselves smiling more and chatting with ease. Improving the aesthetics of your smile can boost your confidence.

“I’m Youthful and Energetic”

Did you know our teeth become shorter as we age? It’s true! As the years pass by, our teeth naturally wear from daily biting, chewing, and grinding. It’s not noticeable as it’s happening, but if your age is 40+, look at a photo of yourself now and compare it to a photo of yourself in your teens or 20s; you’ll see the difference. Often, porcelain veneers are made slightly longer than natural teeth to give the appearance of a more youthful smile. Minor lengthening—most likely millimeters—can make a significant difference in your smile.

“I’m Feminine” or “I’m Masculine”

Did you know that the shape of teeth often varies based on gender? A woman who wants to look more feminine can enhance her smile with teeth that have rounded edges, while a man can look more masculine with boxier edges. The reverse is true as well. If, for example, a woman wants a bolder smile—perhaps she’s in a leadership role—she can give subtle cues about her demeanor by requesting porcelain veneers that are more square than round at the edges. Equally, a man who feels he’s unapproachable or intimidating could have a more welcoming smile by requesting slightly rounded edges.

Take a quick glance at the photo below of The Rock and Natalie Portman. Take mental note your first impression. The Rock is the epitome of masculinity, while Portman appears dainty and feminine. Now, take a closer look at their teeth. Part of your judgment came from their smile, even though you probably didn’t realize it. Take another look at their front teeth. You’ll see Portman’s teeth are slightly longer. That’s the look of youth we spoke about!

Considering Custom Porcelain Veneers in Atlanta?

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a red-carpet smile. Although the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry does have an impressive celebrity clientele, we believe everyone deserves to have a stunning smile that reflects your personality. The photos below of our patient show how your smile can be beautifully enhanced with porcelain veneers. Teeth that were uneven, worn, and discolored were totally transformed, yet they still look natural.

It all begins with a smile-design consultation to talk with us about your smile goals. We will create a plan, complete with a visual representation of your new smile, and then guide you through the process.