The 5 Love Languages

We are all in a relationship, like it or not! And, we take our relationships seriously here at Atlanta Center For Cosmetic Dentistry because our relationships with our client are important to us. Which is why we are all about the 5 Love Languages.

Do you feel like going to the dentist is just another check off the “to do list” or do you feel truly taken care of and heard at your appointments? Have you ever felt like you’ve made a true connection with your dentist? Or established a genuine relationship? Do you know your dentist or hygienist name? Better yet, do they know yours?!

In our office, we have dived into a book called the 5 Love Languages. And we are going to explain how we have used this to individualize care for our patients and how we connect with them to establish trusting and long lasting relationships!

There is no “one size fits all” and our goal is to make you feel comfortable, heard, confident, respected and safe!

Dr. Reeve, one of our doctors is always are so great with our patients. He knows when they’ve changed hair color, or lost weight.  It’s the small details that we’ve noticed sets him and our doctors apart when really making a genuine relationship with our patients.

He uses the book the 5 Love Languages.

Watch Dr. Reeve’s live training on the 5 Love Languages. (

Dr Reeve’s mom had given him the book so that he could better communicate with his future wife and express love in a way that she would clearly understand.  In this book, he learn that he and his (future) wife each had a “love tank”. Further, in the same way that everyone likes having a full tank of gas, when the Love tank is full people feel happier, more confident, and ready to help and serve others.

So how does this relate to dental appointments at Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry?

This book points out that everyone needs different fuel to fill their love tank. Just like some cars may need Diesel fuel. Yet, others need fuel with different octane ratings. We can’t just clump everyone together and say that we can fill everyone’s love tank by doing the same thing. That’s where the five love languages come into play.


The 5 Love Languages

Physical Touch

The first one is physical touch. Have you ever noticed that some people enjoy holding hands, hugging, and just being close to one another while others seem to shy away?

In our office we have massage therapists who offer hand arm massages. Those patients who are comforted by physical touch, can have their dental love tank filled while receiving treatment.



The second love language is words of affirmation. This love language has to do with verbal communication of praise or appreciation. At the Atlanta Center, we have treatment coordinators who talk you through the entire process from dental cleanings, to full mouth rehabilitation. Further, don’t be surprised if you get a call from your treating doctor the night after treatment as well. Our lines of communication are open for those who need encouraging words.

Quality Time

The next love language is quality time. We realize that people don’t want to spend a large quantity of time with their dentist. Therefore, we have spent years figuring out how to do a lot of high quality dentistry without wasting time with extra appointments. We have patients travel to us from all over the world and we have the obligation to make the best use of our time.

Receiving Gifts

The fourth love language is that of receiving gifts. If this is your love language it does not mean that you are shallow or superficial as everyone likes receiving gifts, it just means your love tank is filled more when receiving a gift.

At our office, we don’t just give fidget spinners and yo-yos to our pediatric patients. We have goodie bags for our patients getting their teeth cleaned. You will find our waiting room filled with cookies and beverages. If you have a smile makeover, don’t be surprised if you are asked whether you like red or white wine. Or if you don’t drink, a nice Yetti mug will do the trick.

When you refer some friends, you may receive some gift cards to your favorite restaurants. I think the best gift we provide to our patients though, is that of a healthy, beautiful smile.

Acts of Service

Lastly, is acts of service. It means a lot to many of our patients to know that someone is thinking about them. And further, are willing to do something for them even when we are not together. In our office, we like to find out our patients interests, what they like, what they don’t like, and then we try and set up their patient experience accordingly.

For example, if you are a mom who is escaping from your busy life and kids and just want to watch HGTV, we have that set up for you on our tv hanging from the ceiling.

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