The Path of a Smile Is Easy

Ever wondered what the path of a smile looks like? Or whether or not it’s an easy process?
The smile design process is actually an easy process. Here are two different cases that Dr. Cooper has done.

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Case #1 – Abby

Abby is the daughter of a good friend of Dr Cooper’s, from a small town in Mississippi near where he grew up. Dr. Cooper had known Abby or many years, off and on, and she came to him wanting to improve her smile. She didn’t really know what she wanted to do because she didn’t know what the possibilities were.

She just knew that she was a little embarrassed at times about it. She’s an extremely attractive person, so you couldn’t really tell, but her teeth and smile just didn’t fit her face.

So, we talked to her about what what bothered her. First, it’s important that we identify what the patient sees or what they feel like is something that they want to change. In Abby’s case, it was just a “gummy smile”. She thought that she had way more gum showing that she should or could. Then, the teeth by virtue of the gummy smile appear to small. In addition to that she kind of had a cat (a smile that is not level), which was a very big bit of a challenge for us. But using some laser therapy, we are able to correct that.

It was a very easy process and in the end, we were able to give Abby the smile that she had dreamed of.


Case #2 – Jim

Jim came through through another patient of Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. His chief complaint was that he just didn’t like the way his teeth looked. He felt as though they looked worn. We went through the same process that we do with everybody. The goal was to make his path of a smile as easy as possible. Further, we just wanted to give him the opportunity to see what a more youthful smile could be. Jim is in a career where he in front of people all the time and with some pretty high profile individuals. Simply put, he wanted to improve his smile in such a way that it would look more youthful but also still maintain a natural appearance.

The Process of the Smile Consultation

Mainly, during a smile consultation, we focus on the things that we can improve. Additionally, we talk about what it is that patient’s see or don’t like about their smile. Then, we start offering suggestions. Some suggestions require very little work at all. Next, we put together essentially a smile design. We are really trying to get more patients to understand that we can actually show, in some cases the after results of a smile transformation, before doing the work.

It’s been 30 years and thousands and thousands of patients that Dr. Cooper has done smile transformations for. Each case is unique and different. And, it’s very gratifying to be able to help increase people’s confidence.


After the Consultation

All that is required after the consultation is take molds of the patient’s teeth, some more photographs and bite registration. Next, that is sent to our laboratory. The doctors go through the lab description and give them the information design for each individual which can be an exhaustive process. So, when patients come back from that next visit, we literally transfer that new smile into their mouth. They get to leave that day with their new smile because of all our planning on our end. Albeit it’s a temporary smile, at least for a few weeks.

Next, all the patient has to do is show up and let us do all the work. While they are here, they have a lot of excitement going on. We’ve got massage therapists here full time to keep them comfortable while we’re working on them. Bose headphones and other amenities to make them as comfortable as possible.

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The Smile Transformation

About three or four weeks later, the patients come back. Typically what happens when we bring the patients back in once, between the first phase and the second phase, to meet with our hygiene team. The team makes sure that the patients’ gums are responding favorably and that they understand how to keep everything clean. Them at the three or four week period from when they started, we remove the temporary. This is very easy to do. And next we try in the porcelain. If everything looks good, fits good and feels good, which 98% of time it does, we place it in permanently. For someone to come in with a smile that they don’t even really want to show the world to four weeks later having a smile, they’re very proud of big difference. It’s incredible.

Both Dr. Cooper and Dr. King have gone through the accreditation process with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. This is where they have learned the subtleties and nuances that allow them to make the path of a smile so brief.

Having done hundreds and thousands of these over and over, it’s an amazing experience to be able to be part of the path of a smile process and be involved in the consultation. We get to hear our patients, get on the same page about the smile design process and make it as easy for them as we can.

Our treatment coordinators just add to the journey. They are able to delve into the personal side of the patients, at their initial visit. Further they find what it is that they’re wanting to accomplish, why they’ve come to the office, and ask how they heard about us.

We’ve had a lot of people cry and looking at the vision because they just can’t imagine it in their own head. The smile transformation process is one that everyone deserves to be able to experience. Get started with a virtual consultation at

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