What is the power of a smile?

The power of a smile is something that many people have yet to understand. Have you ever noticed how some people hide their teeth when they smile? They may feel self conscious or hesitant. Maybe they just don’t know that there are actual benefits to smiling.

Can just simply cracking a smile change that much in your life? How can you take full advantage of these benefits?

You have a source of power that you may have not been utilizing to the full extent. We are ready to help you maximize the power of a smile!

We give people beautiful, healthy smiles they love showing off so that they can harness that power!

You may be wondering, “How can a simple smile be a super power?” or “Is there a way that I can use the power of a smile to benefit not only me, but others around me?”

Here are three benefits that smiling can have on your everyday life and on the lives of others!

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A Universal Form of Communication

First, a smile is universal. You may not know how to speak every language but a smile can communicate many things.  It shows that you are friendly and trustworthy. Moreover, it shows that you are likable. And it’s contagious! That smile that you gave someone this morning has probably made them smile and they, in turn, pass that smile on.

So pass on a smile today, just try it. I guarantee if you start smiling randomly at people, 9 times out of ten, they will smile back at you. And won’t that just make the world a little more attractive? Lol


Elevates Your Happiness

Another benefit that smiling has is that it makes you happier. Whether it’s a genuine smile or a fake one, studies have shown that putting on a smile can release certain hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine increases our feeling of happiness and serotonin reduces stress. Low levels of these hormones are shown to be associated with depression. And here is an interesting tidbit, depression can actually weaken your immune system, while happiness on the other hand has been shown to boost our body’s resistance! It’s crazy what just smiling can do for your health!

Your brain doesn’t know whether the smile is real or fake. It just sees the muscle activity and assumes that humor is happening and then you get the benefit! So fake it until you make it!


Withstand Pain and Discomfort

Now this last benefit is  truly is a super power! Studies have shown that putting on a smile can actually help you withstand pain better and for longer periods of time. The power of a smile never stops.

There was a Netflix special that demonstrated this in action called Brainchild, where they had kids put their hands in bowls of water to see how long they could withstand the pain. The average was about 9-12 seconds.

Then, they had those same children put their hands in the same bowls of ice and made just one little change that made a huge difference, they had the children smile. The time that they could keep their hands in the ice water doubled, some even more than doubled their time with the average now being 20-22 seconds!

Your smile tricks your brain into withstanding pain for much longer than you normally could! That really is a super power!

So if you aren’t smiling yet, you may want to consider it as the benefits are too good to ignore.  It’s all in the power of a smile.

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