What can I really expect from smile design process?

We know that it’s common to have questions about the smile design process!

What’s it like? What results will you see? How much time will it take? Will it be painful? How much of an investment is it?

Watch our Tooth Fairies share more about  these common questions in this live video! (https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=619600425193990)

There are typically three major concerns that our patients have when considering starting the  process.


Nobody wants to spend all of their free time in dental chair!  Our patients want the smile design process to be as concise and short as possible. Atlanta Center For Cosmetic Dentistry recognizes this. We have the cosmetic game down to a science and perform these procedures every day. The process is so streamlined that, with a little flexibility, the whole process can be done, from start to finish, in four to six weeks.  And, our office staff has been known to  be able to accelerate the smile design process to work around special events as well.


It is normal to have fears around the smile design process. Further, those fears vary from patient to patient. Some patients have fear around what their smiles will look like. That is why we offer virtual consultations. We can let you see exactly what your smile will look like before the process even begins! So you know what you can expect and make sure that it is the smile that you dreamed of!

Start your Virtual Consultation at https://www.atlantacenterforcosmeticdentistry.com/virtual-consultation/

Another common fear is surrounding possible pain or discomfort. Our office has a variety of tools to help our patients relax when they are here as well as limit the amount of pain that is experienced. From chair massages to various sedation options, making our patients  comfortable is top priority.


We have staff that is dedicated to ensuring that your package is customized for your needs, from start to finish. That includes package options that can work with any budget. Further, many people are not aware of the face that they can finance their smile. Our office works with some amazing companies that can create a payment plan that fits within your lifestyle.

The smile design process is an easy one and Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has thought of everything  possible to make sure our patients have nothing but the  best experience. While they may start the smile design process with questions, they leave with confidence, joy and the smile transformation that they always wanted.

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