Dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth. At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we work closely with an oral surgeon to restore dental implants with natural-looking crowns that mimic the color and characteristics of natural teeth.

Below is an inquiry from a patient of another practice about traveling to another state for dental implants.

I have read a lot about the dangers of dental implant tourism and traveling to different countries for cheap dental work. I know it is a bad idea. However, I’d like to have dental implants done to replace two teeth and the dentists in my area do not have a good reputation for this service. I live in rural Mississippi and would have to travel about 150 miles to find someone who has a good track record. I’m considering traveling for my dental implants and staying with relatives while the work is being done. Is it risky to choose a dentist who is far away? Should I find someone closer just in case there are issues?

Thank you, Senada



After implants heal, natural-looking crowns are attached

Senada – This is a great question! You’re right in that it can be dangerous to seek treatment outside the country, mostly due to reduced standards for sterilization and quality in some countries. Also, there can be difficulties addressing potential complications. In the U.S., there are dental boards and legal recourse if a dentist fails to follow standards. You can travel within this country and get good results if you follow a few guidelines.

Guidelines for Traveling in the U.S. for Dental Implants

  • Verify the doctor’s track record. Get personal recommendations, read online reviews, and look at photos of the dentist’s work.
  • Find out how often the doctor or oral surgeon places dental implants. Studies have shown that dentists who frequently place implants have a higher success rate than those who place them irregularly. This reduces the chances of having to travel for post-surgical issues.
  • Plan and budget for travel. Traveling for your dentistry is well-worth the extra time and money if you have found an accredited cosmetic dentist who aligns with your needs. During your consultation discuss an estimated timeline and number of visits so you can work the additional travel expenses into your budget.

Start by scheduling a consultation to discuss the situation and your state of residence with the dentist. This will help the doctor understand your circumstances, so the process can be made as simple and easy as possible. At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry we regularly have patients travel across the country or from another country to have their dental treatment done. We strive to provide a seamless experience to assist patients in best utilizing their time while they are in Atlanta. Our doctors would be happy to meet you for a consultation in the office or start with a virtual consultation to discuss the possibilities.