Porcelain veneers are the best means of achieving a perfect smile with uniform teeth in perfect alignment. Veneers are thin slivers or wafers of tooth-shaped porcelain attached over the front surface of your teeth to cover all surface deformities or anomalies. They can cover stains, discoloration, cracks, chips, gaps between the teeth, minor alignment issues, and other textural problems. They essentially transform your smile to project the outer impression of perfect teeth.

You can get veneers at most dental clinics, but you must be extremely careful when getting veneers. You should only get high-quality porcelain veneers from reputable dental clinics with a perfect track record. Getting cheaper dental veneers can lead to various complications and problems, such as poor cosmetic outlook, alignment issues, higher risk of damage, etc. This article highlights the main reasons you’ll want to get the highest quality veneers available.

  • Weaker dental veneers may crack or break

With proper care and maintenance, traditional porcelain veneers generally last 10 to 15 years. However, if you get cheaper or weaker dental veneers, they might crack long before that period. If they’re not bonded properly or made of weaker materials, they might crack due to various factors, such as biting on hard foods, clenching your teeth, bite force, etc. As such, it’s better to get high-quality dental veneers that will stay with you for at least 10 years.

  • The dental veneers must be personalized according to your facial anatomy

Preparing and providing dental veneers involves a lot more than technical proficiency — it involves an artistic understanding of cosmetic appearance and facial anatomy. The dentist must take accurate impressions of your teeth and send instructions for the ideal set of veneers. They should have the ideal shade according to your skin color and the perfect shape for your overall facial anatomy. You won’t be able to enjoy the perfect smile without perfect veneers.

  • The dentist must be conservative with the preparation

Your teeth must be prepared to receive the porcelain veneers. The dentist needs to contour the front surface of your teeth to accommodate the veneers and ensure optimal adhesion. However, some dentists go overboard with the preparation, removing more of the enamel than necessary. The best dentists must be conservative with the treatments.