Teledentistry is a professional dental consultation and treatment that utilizes secure and private digital platforms between a patient and their dental practitioner. Through the use of secure digital platforms — available on any smartphone or desktop computer — a qualified DDS can give advice and care from a distance, limiting physical contact with the patient.


This rising trend throughout all medical fields has numerous benefits and is here to stay, much to the benefit of all of our patients. Teledentistry doesn’t replace traditional dentistry, but compliments it nicely and allows us to expand the reach and availability of our team of nationally renowned dentists here at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.


Naturally, many dental procedures can only be performed with the patient physically in the dentist’s  operating chair, yet there is also much that can be done for the patient from a distance, including:

  • Assessmentscan be done with patients uploading and sending photos, videos or dental records related to the concern or condition to be treated.
  • Prescriptionscan be issued and sent digitally to pain medication or antibiotic dispensaries or to the patient.
  • Supervisionand qualified guidance can be effectively done digitally, making teledentistry a viable option for monitoring and overseeing patients as they recover and heal, or make it through any concerning dental condition.
  • Professional advice can be given and tailored specifically to a patient’s particular concerns or needs, with recommendations laid out for short- or long-term programs from a qualified DDS.



At this time, with nationwide attention on all of us doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, some of the additional advantages to our expanded teledentistry in Atlanta include:

  • Avoid contact with ill persons.Patients aren’t required to travel to and from a dentist, at the risk of coming into contact with persons who may be ill.
  • Save time, no waiting.Time spent in waiting rooms is eliminated and saved.
  • Safer at home. Consultations, assessments, prescriptions, programs, and supervision can all be accessed from the safety and comfort of one’s home.
  • Nationwide availability. Patients from around the country who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to come in and see or consult our dentists may now do so.


Through an oversight, packed schedules, or a general inclination, many patients only get around to seeing a dentist for emergencies. These habits, understandable in the busy world we live in, can inadvertently lead to a progressive worsening of one’s dental health and thus increase the number and frequency of emergency visits required. Thus with the increased access and availability, our Atlanta virtual dental consultations can in fact reduce the number and severity of dental emergencies while increasing the health and quality of overall oral health and hygiene. And that is what we wish for you: hassle-free dental perfection.