Sedation dentistry can help you relax, enjoy your dental visit, and have a more productive visit than you would if you were anxious. At Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer three levels of sedation, which are explained near the end of our response to the inquiry below.

Below is an inquiry of a patient from another dental practice who only wants an appointment with female sedation dentist.

I need sedation dentistry from a female dentist to complete dental work that was started in another state. I had to relocate sooner than expected, so my dentist wasn’t able to complete the work. I’ve contacted two different dental offices that have multiple dentists in the practice. They both tried to steer me toward particular dentists. My request is to see a female dentist. For more than 15 years, whenever possible, I choose female healthcare providers. I strongly feel that as a woman, I receive better patient care from them.

Before I contact another office, including yours, I want to know if my request is unreasonable. Is there anything wrong with me specifically asking for a female dentist? Thanks. TDM


Dear TDM,

Your request for sedation dentistry is reasonable. Many people feel more comfortable with female healthcare providers. Your comfort level with your providers has an effect on whether or not you will make and keep appointments with them. It also affects your trust in their advice.

Why Are There So Few Female Sedation Dentists?

2017 statistics show that 31% of U.S. dentists are female. Although the number of female dentists is increasing, there are still much fewer of them available than male dentists. Some practices that receive many requests for female dentists but only have a few of them on staff have decided to limit the number of new patients assigned to those dentists. They want to see patients promptly and prevent their female dentists from having an excessive workload. But some patients decide to wait for an appointment at a later date so they can see the dentist of their choice.

Additionally, dentists must be trained in sedation dentistry to legally administer sedation and to ensure patient safety. This further reduces the availability of female dentists for patients who want or require sedation.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

There are many benefits of sedation dentistry. Some of them are listed below:

  • It relieves your anxiety.
  • Your dentist can accomplish more when you’re relaxed.
  • It minimizes your sensitivity to pain.
  • You are less likely to dread future appointments.

Options to Help You Relax

At Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer three levels of sedation dentistry to match the varying anxiety levels of our patients, as well as the dental procedure they are receiving.

  • Mild: Nitrous oxide – Breathing in this colorless, odorless gas helps you relax.
  • Moderate: Oral conscious sedation – You’ll receive commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medication in pill form to help you relax.
  • High: IV Sedation –  You’ll receive anti-anxiety medication through an IV.

Call our office at 404-994-4509 to schedule a consultation with Dr. King. She will listen to your concerns, discuss your options for sedation dentistry, and let you know what you can expect from each of them.