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Our dentists are accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and are passionate about creating beautiful smiles.

There is a different mindset in aesthetic dentistry. In the rest of dentistry, there is a “fix it” mentality. A tooth is broken—the dentist repairs it. There’s a cavity—the dentist fills it. The “fix it” tasks in dentistry can call for an authoritarian approach, and this approach is inculcated into dentists in dental school. The dentist knows best what works and what holds up over time, and little input is needed from the patient.

In aesthetic dentistry the dentist is creating and designing, which is a very different task from repairing things. For this task, the authoritarian approach needs to be replaced with a listening approach. “How do you feel about your smile?” “How white do you want your teeth?” The dentist is treating your self-perception, and everything needs to be geared toward creating a smile that will give you confidence.

This is why some dentists who may be excellent clinicians are simply not very good at aesthetic dentistry. This artistic, listening approach is foreign to their mindset. Some dentists, however, become passionate about appearance-related dentistry. Many conventional dentists consider catering to the desires of the patient to be pandering, but the cosmetic dentist loves dealing with that dimension of treatment and will eagerly pursue as much training as possible to create that beautiful smile that will liberate you from your inhibitions.

That creative mindset describes Dr. Debra Gray King. She joined the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in 1992 and from that time has been passionate about creating beautiful smiles for her patients with world-class expertise and technology. After three years of coursework with the AACD, she passed her exams and became accredited in 1995, and then went on to earn fellowship status in 1999. Her reputation spread quickly as patients discovered her skill. Thousands of patients have come to her for smile makeovers, including professional athletes, Grammy-award-winning musicians, elected officials, models, actors, television personalities, and beauty queens. She has been called on to answer questions about cosmetic dentistry on television shows and in magazines. She has been asked to teach in some of these same post-graduate forums where she learned her skills.

The Accreditation Exam

There are other dental organizations that offer credentials in cosmetic dentistry. They may be called fellowships or have other names. However, only the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry offers an accreditation which is conditioned on passing a rigorous series of examinations. Introduced by the AACD in 1986, this accreditation is preceded by three years of study in courses provided by the AACD. The candidate then must pass a written examination, followed by the presentation to the examining board of five types of cases, documented with high-resolution photographs. Finally, there is an oral examination on the techniques used and the results achieved in those cases.

There is a high failure rate, and quite frankly some of the dentists who find they are unable to pass this examination are the ones who have sought to establish other credentials that don’t have such stringent requirements.

For more information on how to evaluate claimed cosmetic dentistry credentials, you may be interested in this report that we can email to you. Just click the image of the report and it will lead you to a request form.

The Crown Council

The Crown Council is an association of dental practices that are committed to excellence in patient care. Our practice has been named a Lifetime Qualified Member of the Crown Council.