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Our dentists are members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and are passionate about creating beautiful smiles.

There is a different mindset in aesthetic dentistry. In the general dentistry, there is a “fix it” mentality. A tooth is broken—the dentist repairs it. There’s a cavity—the dentist fills it. The “fix it” tasks in dentistry can call for an authoritarian approach, and this approach is inculcated into dentists in dental school. The dentist knows best what works and what holds up over time, and little input is needed from the patient.

In aesthetic dentistry the dentist is creating and designing, which is a very different task from repairing. For this task, the authoritarian approach needs to be replaced with a listening approach. “How do you feel about your smile?” “How white do you want your teeth?” The dentist is treating your self-perception, and everything needs to be geared toward creating a smile that will give you confidence.

This is why some dentists, who may be excellent clinicians, are simply not very good at aesthetic dentistry. This artistic, listening approach is not common in dentistry. Some dentists, however, become passionate about appearance-related dentistry. We are those kinds of dentists. Everything we do is built around you and how you feel.


Debra Gray King
Debra Gray KingDDS, FAACD
Dr. Debra Gray King passed the accreditation examinations of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) in 1995, and went on to earn her fellowship in that Academy in 1999. AACD Fellowship is recognized as the highest level of competence in cosmetic dentistry, and there are only 88 dentists in the world who have earned this distinction.
Charles C. Cooper
Charles C. CooperDMD, AAACD
Dr. Charles C. Cooper received a B.A. with honors in Science Education at Mississippi State University, a Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree at the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry, and performed a General Practice Residency Program at the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry.
Brett C. Reeve
Brett C. ReeveDDS, AAACD
Dr. Brett C. Reeve DDS graduated with honors from Brigham Young University where he combined studies of Science and Spanish. He then went on to study Dentistry at the University of Southern California where he earned a membership to “Omicron Kappa Upsilon”. Following graduation, Dr. Reeve served as a Captain in the United States Air Force for four years.
Laura Justice
Laura JusticeDMD, FAACD
Dr. Laura Justice graduated with honors from the University of KY Dental School and has been practicing dentistry since 1989. She is very excited to join the amazing Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. She is a an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and serves on the board of the AACD, as well as being an a Accreditation Examiner.



When you visit our dental spa, you will experience something new and exciting – a dental spa built around creating a positive patient experience, from start to finish. At Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we have established one of the world’s first and finest dental spas – a completely new approach to modern cosmetic dentistry.

A Pleasurable Experience

You deserve to have a pleasurable experience when getting treatment, whether teeth cleaning, whitening, or a Custom Smile Design. We ensure that by offering a relaxing spa-like atmosphere filled with a range of comforting and relaxing amenities, you will feel at ease during your visits.

“Extremely attentive with kindness, full understanding and explanation of any condition, they NEVER perform unnecessary procedures.”

~ Ton S.

“After having extensive extensive cosmetic work done more than ten years ago, I am loyal fan of this practice…”

~ Suzanne D.

Giving Back

Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has been helping Atlanta smile a little brighter for more than 30 years. It all began with the natural artistic abilities and an immense passion for helping others, of our founder, Dr. Debra Gray. In addition to creating custom, beautiful smiles, Dr. King also directs an active philanthropy program benefiting the greater Atlanta area and people around the world. Over the last decade, we have donated more than one million dollars to over 60 charities. We have even participated in international charitable trips offering free dental care to underprivileged children.