Porcelain veneers are one of the best ways to finally have the smile that you’ve always wanted. Not all veneers are created equal and we believe that you should only have the best. That is why we work with the best artists to create every smile we design.  During your Custom Smile Design Experience your doctor will review your smile goals and let you know if our superior porcelain veneers are the best option to create a flawless, brilliant smile for you.


Prepless veneers are another way of transforming your smile with less prep than porcelain veneers. During your Custom Smile Design Experience your doctor will review your smile goals and let you know if Pearls, our specially crafted, ultra-thin veneers, are the best option for your smile.


Cosmetic bonding is one way to achieve the smile you desire. It involves placing tooth-colored composite material onto the tooth to create a more pleasing look. It is used to produce small cosmetic changes, like repairing chips, cracks, or flaws in teeth.


Do you long for a whiter brighter smile? Our Zoom whitening treatment is one of the most effective systems for professional teeth whitening. It utilizes a powerful whitening gel and LED light to remove stains and create a brilliant, white smile. You can look camera-ready with your beautiful smile while relaxing in our spa-like atmosphere.


Align your teeth with precision – and in half the time of traditional braces while enjoying a world-class dental spa that offers an exceptional experience. Invisalign aligners have become the “gold standard,” in teeth straightening as they are virtually invisible – a perfect solution for both adults and teens.


We can transform your smile – and your life. Full mouth reconstruction doesn’t just create a beautiful smile it creates a healthy, better functioning smile. If you have teeth that are worn, shifted, missing, or broken, this complete transformation can give you a beautiful smile that looks and feels like your own.


Imagine looking years younger with dental treatment. We can take years off your facial appearance with a customized anti-aging dental treatment. By adjusting bite and correcting wear from years of natural use we can ensure your teeth better support the upper lip, lifting the cheekbones and returning a youthful fullness to your facial structure.  Call it a scalpel-less facelift!


A beautiful smile is like a work of art – the lips are the frame, the gums are the matting, and the teeth are the featured subject. Just as with a work of art, you don’t want the matt to overpower the art. Or in this case, your smile to be unbalanced by too much gum showing. By combining the artistry of cosmetic dentistry with gum contouring we can achieve stunning results.

Are you ready for the smile of your dreams?

Smile Design is a truly unique experience that blends artistry with science to help you achieve a brilliant, healthy, attractive smile. While you enjoy the serene, spa-like atmosphere our team will pamper you from your Custom Smile Design Experience until you walk out the door with the stunning smile of your dreams.  Your Smile Design will blend our artistic approach to cosmetic dentistry with the highest level of skills and training to ensure your smile goals are met.

Artistry in Smile Design

I have spent a lifetime designing smiles that help people build confidence, fuel success, and bring added joy to their lives.  Designing a smile is part art and part science.  The techniques to do this require that precise measurements be combined with an eye for what is possible for each individual.  Your smile makes you uniquely you and that is why your custom smile design should begin and end with your smile goals.

It is our privilege to provide people with the smile of their dreams.  Your smile design begins during your Custom Smile Design Experience and involves a comprehensive evaluation of your facial structure, your gums, teeth, and lips as together we plan a smile that is artistically balanced to bring out the best in your features resulting in a truly healthy smile.  It is far more than just placing veneers or implants – it is a highly-precise method that produces superior results.

To be a really good cosmetic dentist you have to also be an artist and that is why I have built an entire team comprised of artists in the dental field.  A team that works together closely on each and every patient.

Dr. Debra Gray King

“Extremely attentive with kindness, full understanding and explanation of any condition, they NEVER perform unnecessary procedures.”

~ Ton S.

“After having extensive extensive cosmetic work done more than ten years ago, I am loyal fan of this practice…”

~ Suzanne D.

World-famous cosmetic dentists

How We’re Unique

We use a variety of techniques and materials to enhance the smiles of our patients-porcelain veneers, Invisalign, whitening, bonding. Our gallery has before-and-after photographs of all of these types of cases. We invite you to view our work.


Accreditation is so much more than a certificate on the wall. It is a painstaking process that involves years beyond your formal education. The process developed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the world’s most recognized advanced cosmetic dentistry credentialing program. Most dentists do not go through the effort, but we do.

A Gorgeous New Smile

…that is uniquely you. We don’t do one size fits all smiles. Together we create a unique design to fit your goals. By combining art and science with the latest techniques, we’ll create the smile you always knew you were meant to have. Most people don’t realize how much a gorgeous new smile can change their entire appearance.


Because you deserve the best! We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional experience from our first interaction. Our award-winning cosmetic dentists and fantastic clinical and business teams are dedicated to giving you the smile you deserve in a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere.