4 06, 2022

What is remote teledentistry?


Teledentistry is a professional dental consultation and treatment that utilizes secure and private digital platforms between a patient and their dental practitioner. Through the use of secure digital platforms — available on any smartphone or desktop computer — a qualified [...]

What is remote teledentistry?2022-06-04T15:27:38-04:00
4 06, 2022

What does a root canal involve?


If you suffer from severe tooth decay, a broken tooth, or an infection, a root canal may be required to resolve the problem. Fortunately, advances in the dental arts have made this procedure far more comfortable to experience.   If you or [...]

What does a root canal involve?2022-06-04T15:27:05-04:00
4 06, 2022

The power of a smile


What is the power of a smile? The power of a smile is something that many people have yet to understand. Have you ever noticed how some people hide their teeth when they smile? They may feel self conscious or [...]

The power of a smile2022-06-04T15:26:44-04:00
4 06, 2022

The Path of a smile is easy


The Path of a Smile Is Easy Ever wondered what the path of a smile looks like? Or whether or not it’s an easy process? The smile design process is actually an easy process. Here are two different cases that [...]

The Path of a smile is easy2022-06-04T15:26:25-04:00
4 06, 2022

The difference in an accredited dentist


Is there really a difference in an accredited dentist? So many people think that a dentist is  a dentist and that they are all the same, but this is far from the truth! In fact, we have had to redo some [...]

The difference in an accredited dentist2022-06-04T15:26:03-04:00
4 06, 2022

The 5 Love Languages


The 5 Love Languages We are all in a relationship, like it or not! And, we take our relationships seriously here at Atlanta Center For Cosmetic Dentistry because our relationships with our client are important to us. Which is why [...]

The 5 Love Languages2022-06-04T15:25:25-04:00
4 06, 2022

Is TMJ permanent?


Is TMJ Permanent? Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) is a medical condition that affects your jaw joint and can result in excruciating pain in your jaw, headaches, neck pain, pain in your face, ear pain, and difficulties with jaw motion. Thankfully, [...]

Is TMJ permanent?2022-06-04T15:25:01-04:00
4 06, 2022

Clearing up dental myths


Clearing Up Dental Myths So many people have heard some dental myths throughout their lifetime that they’re not so sure about, right? When it comes to your smile, there’s plenty of common misconceptions out there. It’s time to clear up [...]

Clearing up dental myths2022-06-04T15:24:43-04:00
4 06, 2022

Behind the scenes of cosmetic dentistry


Behind the Scenes of Cosmetic Dentistry There is a lot that takes place in a cosmetic dentistry office. The hustle and bustle is what a lot of patients don’t get to see. We are ready to give you a sneak [...]

Behind the scenes of cosmetic dentistry2022-06-04T15:24:18-04:00
4 06, 2022

Beating Bad Breath


Beating Bad Breath Did you know that 99 % of Americans and wake up with that awful dragon breath in the morning? Whether you wake up alone or next to a loved one, bad breath in the morning can make [...]

Beating Bad Breath2022-06-04T15:23:56-04:00


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