It’s not about your teeth.


I have spent a lifetime designing smiles that help people build confidence, fuel success, and bring added joy to their lives.  Designing a smile is part art and part science.  The techniques to do this require that precise measurements be combined with an eye for what is possible for each individual.  Your smile makes you uniquely you and that is why your custom smile design should begin and end with your smile goals.

It is our privilege to provide people with the smile of their dreams.  Your smile design begins during your Custom Smile Design Experience and involves a comprehensive evaluation of your facial structure, your gums, teeth, and lips as together we plan a smile that is artistically balanced to bring out the best in your features resulting in a truly healthy smile.  It is far more than just placing veneers or implants – it is a highly-precise method that produces superior results.

To be a really good cosmetic dentist you have to also be an artist and that is why I have built an entire team comprised of artists in the dental field.  A team that works together closely on each and every patient.

I invite you to experience our unique approach for yourself by reserving your Custom Smile Design Experience today. I will have Patient Relationship Coordinator contact you once you have completed the request below.

Dr. Debra Gray King

Custom Smile Design Experience

When it comes to your smile, we know that you want to be confident. In order to feel that way, you need a beautiful, healthy smile. The problem is, something about your teeth is keeping you from feeling confident in your smile. That is why we created our Custom Smile Design Experience! It is built around combining your smile goals with our expertise.

Complete our inquiry form and a Patient Relationship Coordinator will be in touch to discuss your goals and reserve a time for your Custom Smile Design Experience.

Your Treatment Coordinator will make sure you have everything you need for your visit and know what to expect when you are with us.

The day of your Custom Smile Design Experience is all about YOU! We plan to pamper you from the moment you arrive. Your team will be prepared for your visit and ready to help you achieve your smile goals.

While you are here our doctors will show you what your new smile can look like. That’s right, you will see your new smile that day!

Before you leave you will have all the details of your Custom Smile Transformation, your visits will be scheduled and you’ll walk out the door with nothing to do but dream about your new smile.


Complete the inquiry form below and a Patient Relationship Coordinator will be in touch to discuss your smile goals, answer your questions and reserve a time for your Custom Smile Design Experience