Nothing is more relaxing than a gentle massage. The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is something new in cosmetic dentistry – a dental spa where we focus on making your experience a true pleasure. One of the amenities we provide is to offer our patients soothing treatments in a massage chair for greater relaxation and comfort. Patient comfort is an opportunity we handle differently than other dental offices – in fact, we have a whole new approach to the dental care experience – and we believe you deserve it.

Our Massage Chairs: Relax Your Body and Mind.

Our patients take advantage of our custom massage chairs in our spa room for greater relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased comfort.

Why Your Comfort is So Important to Us.

We believe that a patient who is fully relaxed, warm, and free from anxiety will require less anesthesia – and it has proven to be true. Our massage chairs are just one of the full range of advanced relaxation techniques and amenities we offer at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

 Imagine a cosmetic dental appointment that you actually enjoy, and becomes a pleasurable aspect of self-care? We invite you to discover the difference at our dental office in a warm, comforting, luxury environment where we cater to every need.