We care about every aspect of the patient experience at our world-class dental spa, including when diagnosing dental or oral problems. At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, our goal is to offer our patients the most advanced technology, including our advanced microscope. Our high-power microscope allows us to precisely pinpoint areas of trouble and create precise dental restorations that appear complete natural, beautiful, and camera-ready.

Rather than using a microscope that utilizes an uncomfortable bright light, our microscope delivers the light directly to the tooth, allowing us to correct a dental problem with the highest level of accuracy. Our method allows us to achieve the highest level of accuracy, a precise, a more comfortable fit, and a truly beautiful finish.

Our Technology Leads to Better Outcomes.

The ability to magnify the tiniest details within a tooth – up to 25 times larger than can be viewed with the naked eye, offers many benefits in treatment. Our microscopes make it possible to:

  • Preserve more natural tooth structure
  • Identify any flaws that may not be visible to the naked eye
  • Produce better results in root canals by revealing “hidden” canals that could be missed

A Standard of Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry

We are proud to be the premier cosmetic dentistry office in Atlanta, and we believe that the level of excellence we are able to provide our patients is enhanced by the use of modern technology, including our microscopes. When a patient comes to us, they expect the best, and we are committed to delivering truly outstanding patient care and treatment, from start to finish.

Experience Cosmetic Dentistry in a Luxury Environment

We invite you to discover a new approach to cosmetic dentistry where our guiding principle is maximum patient comfort and exceptional results. At Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we combine artistry, skill, and a focus on total patient comfort has made us the premier cosmetic dentistry office in Atlanta – we invite you to schedule an appointment today.